Imagine a 130 degree roof, nobody wants to be working there. We do this all summer long.

During these same conditions, I installed a fan motor for a homeowner and one hour later it quit. The homeowner was extremely angry with me and went back to check my work and found the motor wired correctly, but scorching hot. I replaced it with another motor and sat there for two hours to babysit the new motor.

When I got to my shop that night I chopped the motor in half and as I suspected, the copper windings were not real copper!

Only God knows what material it was.

You can come by my shop and see the motor for yourself. This is one reason why I recommend U.S. Motors made in the U.S.A. replacement motors.

They come with two year limited warranty from date of purchase. WOW! That's second to none.

Also, our trucks only stock the best run capacitors. We only install AMRAD" made in the U.S.A. capacitors.

Talk to your technician and ask him about these and other high quality HVAC products made with YOU the homeowner in mind.

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Our estimates are FREE on replacement or installation. "A visit to your home allows our designers to provide you a more accurate estimate and gives us the opportunity to understand our customer needs."

We charge $55.00 for a diagnostic which we deduct from the final invoice when the customer accepts our recommendation for repairs or replacement.

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