What size unit do I need?
An a/c technician says you need a 3 ton, another tells you a 4 ton and an a/c engineer told you his computer says you need a 2 ton! 

Who is right?  All of them. Because, different times and temperatures require different size a/c.

Now, we have multi size a/c's and heat pump that can stage up or size down depending on our weather.

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The American Technician

A verse in the American Pageant


  Every year  ac contractors sign their dealer agreements.

Usually at an annual dealer meeting .

This year i signed my YORK and DAY & NIGHT the same week . 

Its always a fun time. Manufacturers ,

distributors and contractors talk shop , 

Industry news , new technologies and this year,

so much time ,

was spent on past present and future Gov regulations .

A great portion of the meetings were spent on how

gov regulations , codes , fines and laws affect our daily work.

 I couldn't help think about how much it costs

the average consumer. 

naturally its buried in the rising cost of an average ac ,

furnace or heat pump .something  to ask your ac tech

next time you see him .




President's Day is around the corner.  Should an a/c tech care?  I believe so.

George Harrison remembering a friend once sang "Oh, through the good and bad I always looked up to you."

We don't worship our leaders in America, but we honor them.  Would we have our work without Washington praying for direction in congress or the foresight of Jefferson or the sacrifice of Lincoln and Kennedy or the steady hand of Eisenhower and Reagan?

As workers in the American Pageant, we do our part remembering our Presidents thought the good and bad.


Valentine's Day is coming up, I've been in meditation and study for weeks.  In my youth I couldn't celebrate Valentine's Day mostly because of fear and ignorance.

Prior to St. Valentine's Day it was pagan, history tells us.  But, he laid his life for the early Christians in Rome.  Today we need more men like Valentine.  A man of love and courage.

-Jesse Gonzalez


Why is Martin Luther King's Day so special?

MLK meant so much to so many people.  Sometimes in diverse ways.

Growing up in the 60's and 70's, I was blessed with the beautiful city of Yuma, Arizona and two beautiful parents.  My parents worked hard and gave us a beautiful life.  They preached hard work, sometimes exhaustively until the late hours of the night.  It worked, all my siblings take after my parents in that regard.

I heard a speech by Dr. King, he said "Even if it calls on your lot to be a street sweeper.  Sweep streets like Michelangelo painted pictures.  Sweep streets like Beethoven composed music... Sweep streets so well that all the hests of heaven and earth will have to pause and say, 'Here lived a GREAT street sweeper, who swept his job well.'" I thought I heard my Dad.  I thought I heard every hard working Dads from yesterday. 

Conversing with a businessman about life and business, I mentioned, "The trades are a passion."  He laughed profusely at my comment.  It planted a seed of doubt about the only life I've known.  I hear Dr. King and it erases the doubt and brings my parents back to me in my passion and work.

-Jesse Gonzalez


I love the way my York 16 SEER, 2 stage heat works on cold January days. But, something I love more, is how I get to warm up my house and hear my two favorite voices of the 60's, Elvis Presley and Martin Luther King, Jr. Remember Elvis singing "If I can dream" back in those days? Good thing in America, we never forget her great sons and our brothers before us.

Love, Your Neighbor

- Jesse Gonzalez



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