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The AC world is changing.  In fact, the whole world is changing.  The AC business is no different.  New technologies, Freons, motors, compressors, labor force, taxes, warranties and more importantly laws and regulations.  We prepared this information to highlight a few changes affecting us today.

Special Note on:

"FREON" HCFC22 or R-22

Many houses, offices and apartments still use R-22 today.  R-22 has cooled our lives for more than half a century and really was the best refrigerant we will see in our life time, in the opinion of this writer.

Unfortunately, R-22 is a DEAD technology.

It is not manufactured anymore in the United States.  Air conditioners that were designed for R-22 are no longer manufactured.  Making dwindling supplies at well over $200.00 a pound retail as of 2022, with no let up in site.

The industry has what are called drop in replacements and equipment owners should note:  No manufacturer will "warranty" this work.  This falls 100% on the equipment owner.  Remember R-22 is an obsolete technology meaning its been slated for phase out so no reasonable expectation of warranty should be implied or expected.

I personally work on R-22 units all the days of my adult life.  I would be happy to answer any questions as to why we don't carry R-22 in our company's inventory.

Come by my shop if you have any questions, I'll be happy to talk R-22 or email me at mhvac928@aol.com.

SEER - What is SEER?

It is the U.S. Government's measure of an a/c energy efficiency.  The higher the SEER rating the more efficient is the a/c. Currently the minimum standard is 14 SEER. The acronym for SEER:   





Before 1980 - 16 SEER

1980-1985 = 6 SEER

1986-1991 = 8 SEER

1992-2005 = 10 to 12 SEER

2006-2014  = 13 SEER

2014-12/31/2022  = 14 SEER

On January 1, 2023 the new government standard goes in effect, all SEER ratings change to a new measure matrix called SEER2.

Air Central recommends replacement while inventory is still available.

For more information on the new 2023 standards visit:



INVERTER - Why do I need an inverter heat pump?

Old AC’s run on only one speed “High”.

Get in your car and step on it!  That’s your AC.  Inverters run constantly at a fraction of the wattage from 20% to 100% depending on the temperature needs. If demand is low, it operates low and revs up when needed.

DUCTLESS HEAT PUMPS - Can you run a duct to my new addition?

This was common yesterday, just like gas was .99 cents and a kw was .10 cents.

Ductwork is many times antiquated.  A ductless heat pump runs constantly providing constant comfort at a fraction of the wattage a central heat pump does.

WARRANTIES - Did you know?

Using a licensed HVAC professional with an office staff that registers all new AC installations will add up to 10 years parts warranty to your new system.

Avoiding AC contractors, in effect, makes you liable for all service and warranty.  AC contractors provide the value. You save more in just one failed motor.

Licensed AC contractors can also provide an extension on your one-year labor warranty up to 10 years.  Ten-year parts and labor warranty!  That's piece of mind...

*Montreal Protocol


Commentary on the HVAC Industry.

Visit our YouTube page at ACYUMA.

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*Air central registers every ac or heat pump it installs.

*This most of the time, doubles or extends warranties.

*Some techs or companies leave warranties inside the equipment almost deleting warranty on very expensive components.

*Today's ac components are exceedingly more expensive than its previous generation comparisons.

*Ask your HVAC professional about standard and extended warranty questions before deciding on an HVAC replacement.



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