At Home or our office, our heat pumps are crucial to our work and health. With a new ductless system installed in a proper location, you can use less electricity and keep your "big" A/C for the extreme months. Come by our shop and see how my Fujitsu helps our office run efficiently.


I've been in the industry since 1986 right out of Yuma High School, got my contractor's license in 1993 and started my business in Yuma in 1994.

But, I really think this is not "about us" or "about me", it's about all of us.

In the HVAC world "industry" the changes are so great they affect all of us.

New Freon (refrigerants), new manufacturers (brands), new environmental laws, codes and regulations.

For some businessmen it's literally too much to bear. Today's HVAC technician must teach the end user about all the new changes. Just selling an a/c can literally increase energy consumption.

Today's HVAC office personnel has to serve the home owner more than ever before. There's environmental invoices to file, warranties to register and process, rebates to fill out, recalls to process, maintenance to keep up.

You must invest in an office and personnel for you to save the home owner time, energy, money, warranty, maintenance, rebates and service fees and costs.

Come by my shop visit and talk to our HVAC professionals today.

- Jesse Gonzalez
Air Central Heating & Cooling




Our estimates are FREEon replacement or installation. "A visit to your home allows our designers to provide you a more accurate estimate and gives us the opportunity to understand our customer needs."

We charge $55.00 for a diagnostic which we deduct from the final invoice when the customer accepts our recommendation for repairs or replacement.

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